facebook share

- a Joomla 1.5 module.

This module shows a facebook share link on your Joomla website.


This module is for Joomla 1.5


There are options to change the text, the colour of text (and hover). There is also an option of whether to share the main website URL, or the current page URL.


Please read the following important information on what this module does:

Case 1: Using Share to Post a Link to a Profile

When a user wants to share a link to a page, they click the share button, optionally add a comment, and post the link to their profile and to their friends' home page streams.


1. User clicks Share button or action. Recommendation: the Share button should be clearly labeled and prominently placed near the content that is being shared.

2a. (If needed.) User is prompted to log in. If the user is already logged into Facebook, skip directly to 2b. Over 30% of Facebook users are permanently logged in.

2b. Facebook Share dialog pops up in a new window. The title, list of thumbnails, and description have all been extracted from the page. The default tab (Post to Profile vs. Send a Message) is selected based on the user's last action. The first time a user uses Share, it will default to Post to Profile.

3. User chooses to add a message and/or choose a different thumbnail (or no thumbnail) to post along with the link.

4. User clicks "Share" and the page is shared!

5. The link, thumbnail, description, and user's comment are automatically posted to the user's profile, and to all of their friends' streams.

Case 2: Using Share to Send a Message

When a user wants to send a link to one or a few friends in a message (i.e. share it privately), they click the share button, select who they want to send it to (using typeahead), write a brief message, and send the message and link to their friends' inboxes.


1. User clicks Share button.

2. Facebook Share dialog pops up in a new window.

3. User types in the names of the people they want to send the message to. Typing in just a letter or two will bring up a full typeahead list of all friends who match what you have typed in. Users can select multiple recipients, as well as type in an email address or list name.

4. User clicks "Send" and the message is sent!

5. The message is sent to their friends' Inboxes, and an email is sent to the friends' email addresses containing the message and the link.




Version 1.0.1 Download here .


Instructions for installing Joomla modules can be found at joomla.org.


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