Your home’s Interior Lighting Plan affects the attitude and mood your rooms project.

Lighting can make a space feel playful, welcoming, romantic or cold. It can draw out and showcase other design elements like color, furnishings, art, architectural features and varied material surfaces and textures. It can also overpower and “wash-out” those design choices so that they virtually disappear.

The interior design lighting fundamentals that follow will take you a long way. With a little study, thought and planning, you can come up with a terrific lighting scheme to match and complement your overall interior design plan.

Lighting includes both artificial and natural light.

Most of us love natural light and go out of our way to bring as much as possible into our homes. Thinking about your main sources of natural light is a great place to start your overall interior lighting plan.

If you’re planning a major interior design face-lift and natural light brings you joy, look to where your can add new sources. Installing French doors, skylights, glass block, larger windows and new door units with sidelights (side windows) are all ways to bring more natural light into your home.

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